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Causes of abnormal vibration and noise during operation of mortar pump

2022-05-05 08:22:39

The causes of abnormal vibration and noise during the operation of mortar pump generally include the following aspects:

1. Cavitation occurs. Bubbles and bubbles will burst during cavitation, resulting in vibration and noise. If the vibration is caused by pump cavitation, it is necessary to change the installation height or increase the system pressure, or even re select or design the pump.

2. Rotor balance decreases. When the rotor is unbalanced, the deviation between the center of gravity and the rotation center of the rotor is too large, resulting in unbalanced force during rotation, especially at high speed. On the one hand, the rotor balance may not meet the design requirements in the process of manufacturing or assembly; On the other hand, the rotor balance accuracy may be reduced due to shaft deformation, excessive eccentric wear of parts and other reasons after the mortar pump operates for a certain time. In both cases, the rotor needs to be rebalanced.

3. The mortar pump is in the non design working condition area. The mortar pump shall run around the design point and try to avoid running in small flow area and large flow area, otherwise the increase of hydraulic impact will cause vibration. When water flows from the outer end of the impeller blade near the guide vane or volute pump tongue, it will produce hydraulic impact, and the impact degree will increase with the increase of the pump speed and size. When this hydraulic pulse is transmitted to the pipeline system and foundation, it will produce noise and vibration; If the frequency of this hydraulic pulse is similar to the natural frequency of the pump shaft, piping system or foundation, more serious resonance will occur. In practice, the vibration caused by hydraulic shock can be prevented and mitigated by the following methods or measures:

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Add:No. 1, Duxing Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong

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