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Function of bottom valve of mortar pump

2022-05-05 07:57:09

The bottom valve of the suction pipeline of the mortar pump is also a check valve of the mortar pump, which is to prevent the liquid poured in before the mortar pump is started from flowing out of the pump. It acts as a one-way valve to prevent the material in the pump inlet pipe from flowing back into the pool when the pump is stopped, resulting in no material in the inlet pipe. In this way, it is not necessary to fill the pump bottom valve when starting the pump again, but it can be equipped with a filter screen, which can prevent the solid particles in the liquid from being sucked in and block the pipeline and pump casing. Therefore, the bottom valve and filter screen can become a combination with different functions.

If the inlet pipeline of the mortar pump is lower than the inlet of the mortar pump, for example, if the mortar pump is installed on the ground, the materials below the ground must be extracted, and the bottom valve shall be installed at the end of the suction pipe of the mortar pump to filter impurities and protect the pump from being blocked or check to ensure that the inlet pipeline of the mortar pump is full and filled.

If the bottom valve is not installed, once the pump stops, all the water in the suction pipe will leak and have to be refilled. In order to reduce this trouble, install a bottom valve to avoid water leakage and refilling.

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Add:No. 1, Duxing Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong

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