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This paper introduces the method of water diversion before starting the mortar pump

2022-05-05 15:51:04

When the frosted slurry pump is started, if there is gas in the pump, the centrifugal force is relatively small due to the low density of air. At this time, the center of the centrifugal impeller can only produce relatively small negative pressure and can not absorb liquid, which will lead to the idling of the centrifugal impeller and destroy the stainless steel corrosion-resistant mortar pump. In order to prevent this phenomenon of air binding, except for the mortar pump and self-priming pump with centrifugal impeller immersed in water, generally speaking, water must be injected into the pump before starting the pump, also known as water diversion. There are two specific methods for water filling and exhaust of stainless steel corrosion-resistant mortar pump:

One is to fill water directly into the pump (at this moment, open the vent hole to exhaust the gas in the pump); The second is to pump out the gas in the pump and establish the corresponding vacuum (at this moment, turn off the drain gate valve) to lead in the water source.

(1) Install valves at the water inlet and outlet to fill water. This specific method is to install a valve in the water inlet pipe and fill the pump with water after connecting the pipe.

(2) Fill water with hand pump. Some centrifugal pumps are equipped with hand pumps, and micro hand pumps can also be purchased or made by ourselves. The gate valve must be assembled in the inlet pipe. After closing the valve, first fill the water press with a small amount of water for water diversion. After the hand pump discharges water, it indicates that the centrifugal pump is filled with water and can start operation.

(3) Exhaust and fill water with vacuum equipment. The self exhaust of mortar pump and negative pressure exhaust of vacuum pump are the same principle. Therefore, the effect of filling and water diversion can be achieved with the help of water ring vacuum pump.

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Add:No. 1, Duxing Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong

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