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The functions of check valve and stop valve at the outlet of mortar pump are introduced

2022-05-05 15:53:02

1. The alloy layer of mortar pump bearing bush shall be firmly and closely combined with the shell, and there shall be no delamination and shelling. The surface of the alloy layer and the split between the two half tiles shall be smooth and flat, and there shall be no defects such as cracks, pores, double skin, slag inclusion and bruise.

2. The bearing back and the inner hole surface of the bearing seat shall be closely and evenly fitted. Check with the coloring method. If the inner diameter is less than 180mm, the contact area shall not be less than 85; if the inner diameter is greater than or equal to 180mm, the contact area shall not be less than 70.

3. The fit clearance and contact condition between bearing bush and journal are guaranteed by machining accuracy, and the contact area is generally not allowed to be scraped. If the contact along the axial direction is uneven, it can be slightly trimmed.

4. After assembly, check with a 0.02mm feeler gauge at the split. It is qualified if it cannot be inserted.

5. The bearing bush shall be free of wear, deformation, crack, scratch, delamination, rolling and burn defects; The marks at the contact with the thrust disc shall be uniform, the contact area shall not be less than 70, and all tiles on the whole circumference shall be evenly distributed; The thickness difference of the same group of pads shall not be greater than 0.01mm, and the Babbitt alloy of the pads shall be rounded into the oil wedge according to the rotation direction to facilitate the entry of lubricating oil; The back bearing surface is flat and smooth.

6. The adjusting gasket shall be smooth, flat and free from deflection. A layer of gasket with thickness difference no more than 0.01mm shall be used.

7. After the bearing cover is assembled, the thrust bearing clearance shall be measured repeatedly with the push shaft method, and its value shall be within the required range. The thrust bearing clearance measured by this method must be consistent with that measured by the shaft displacement probe side, and the indicated zero position of the displacement probe shall be adjusted according to the regulations.

8. The horizontal joint surface of the bearing shell shall be tight without dislocation. The oil hole for measuring the oil temperature shall be aligned with the pad cover eye without deflection. The oil hole is clean and unblocked.

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Add:No. 1, Duxing Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong

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