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What are the characteristics and structures of multistage centrifugal pumps?

2022-05-11 15:10:36

1. Convenient maintenance: vertical pipeline structure, the inlet and outlet are at the same level, and the inlet and outlet of the pump can be installed at any position and direction of the pipeline like a valve, which is extremely convenient for installation and maintenance

2. Low operation cost: the main flow passage parts are stamped with stainless steel. The smooth flow passage parts have high efficiency, less loss, low failure rate and long service life of accessories, so that the whole machine has less operation and maintenance costs

3. Motor: the motor adopts aluminum alloy die casting, which has the advantages of light weight, small volume, good heat dissipation and beautiful appearance. Wide voltage design and special fan shape and hood design have the characteristics of high reliability, long service life, high universality, high efficiency, low noise, good starting performance, high protection grade and high insulation grade

4. No water pollution: the main flow passage parts are stamped with stainless steel and have the characteristics of light weight, cleanness and sanitation. It is an ideal green, environmental protection and energy-saving water pump

5. Since the shaft seal is made of cemented carbide and fluororubber mechanical seal, it can improve the reliability of pump operation and the temperature of transportation medium.

6. Lubrication and sealing are very important to the pump. If the lubricating fluid is selected incorrectly or contaminated, it will affect the use of the pump and cause the heating of the bearing. Sealing is to reduce liquid leakage, waste and environmental pollution

7. The multi-stage centrifugal pump has the same caliber and is on the same horizontal middle line. Without changing the pipeline structure, it can be directly installed in any part of the pipeline, which is very convenient for installation

8. The multistage centrifugal pump is a vertical structure, which has the characteristics of small floor area. The center of gravity of the pump coincides with the middle of the pump foot, so it has stable operation, low vibration and long service life

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Add:No. 1, Duxing Road, Laishan District, Yantai, Shandong

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